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Four cups of strong coffee a day might be the recipe for a healthy heart, especially for older adults.

A team of German researchers, led by the molecular biologists, thinks it has discovered clues about how coffee works. Its caffeine-fueled magic on our heart health and how much caffeine we should drink each day to see the best benefits.




France's Experimental 'Solar Highway' Has Failed

While every engineer who has a notepad and a pen foreseen the inefficiency of Solar Road, the eurocrats vigorously proceeded to waste taxpayer bucks. This project is an excellent example of wasting away taxpayer euros on bizarre stuff.

If compared to commercialized solar panel setup, which generally receives a scheduled cleaning, maintenance and has the solar panel efficiently oriented to the Sun, the solar roadway will never ever reach the comparable efficiency! Simply because it always looks at the Sun with the exact same, not efficient angle and is repeatedly shadowed by moving vehicles!

One other ridiculous idea is using technology in effort to make the solar road damage resistant. The highway construction industry improved the cost efficiency for ages. Renewing the highway surface with expensive solar cells will destroy the ROI for both: the highway itself and solar energy projects. I don't believe that such solar roads is likely to be a part of the nearby possible future. Regardless of the amount of money will be invested in study and the number of coffees cups the engineers will drink.

This fail is the last one, you can read more here...

Who Makes The Best Coffee Maker?

Who helps make the best coffee machine is really a matter of personal opinion even as we each search for different things in a coffee maker plus some people appreciate coffee more than others. To have a sense of what exactly is open to consumers on the market, a beneficial place to begin may be the internet. Making use of your favorite search engine, key in the words ‘who helps make the best coffee maker?’


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